Kasa Partners with New Telephony System for Improved Guest Experience

Kasa is constantly reimagining the modern travel experience while remaining guest-centric. In this effort, Kasa is pleased to announce a major upgrade to its cutting-edge telephony system.

This collaboration enhances Kasa’s centralized guest experience team’s ability to efficiently triage guest questions, minimizes wasted downtime and underutilization, and improves cost efficiency while supporting guests. Since the upgrade, we have reduced response times to inbound phone calls by 43% without increasing staffing levels and cut monthly expenses for our property partners by 25%. The seamless routing using the same phone number between on-site and centralized teams ensures that questions are directed to the right guest experience team  member, ensuring questions and issues are addressed quickly while delivering outstanding service at a low cost to our partners.

Our new advanced telephony system provides better connectivity, live analytics, and innovative features like video calling and screen sharing.  Artificial intelligence built into the system enables sentiment analysis, allowing Kasa to prioritize guest recovery efforts. AI will also be utilized to categorize and quantify the frequency of  guest issues, driving invaluable insight into how Kasa can improve its hall of fame host service for our guests and further reduce costs for owners by solving the most common issues proactively before they become suboptimal guest experiences and costly call and text interactions.


Traditional methods of communication in the hospitality industry often involve multiple phone numbers and slow response times, making the guest experience cumbersome and inefficient. Guests may have to deal with different numbers for texting, calling various properties, and receiving calls, and they constantly need to identify themselves and recap their reason for calling when calling or being transferred. Additionally, central teams have difficulty communicating with on-site teams, leading to potential miscommunications and delays.

At Kasa, we pair an investment in technology with an obsession with guest experience to elevate the quality of stay for travelers. Kasa’s solution streamlines communication by using a single phone number for all properties, handling both inbound and outbound texts and calls. Kasa’s system remembers guests’ identities and preferences, making interactions smoother and more personalized. The seamless routing between central and on-site teams ensures quick and efficient communication, leading to a superior guest experience. This upgrade further bolsters Kasa’s commitment to exceptional guest experiences, which translates to increased satisfaction, positive reviews, and, ultimately, higher revenue at the properties we manage.

Kasa already delivers an enhanced guest experience at a lower cost, and this integration showcases our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, solidifying our position as setting the  industry standard for delivering top-tier, hospitality management services that meet the evolving needs of today’s hospitality industry.