Kasa Hosts 1 Million Reservation Nights – A Note From Roman

Seven years ago, I started Kasa and began our mission to build a global accommodations brand beloved by guests, indispensable to property partners, and desired by neighbors. Today, I am humbled to share that we recently achieved a remarkable milestone: Kasa has hosted over 1 million reservation nights.

From sleeping on the floor of our first Kasa apartments and assembling Ikea furniture before our first guest showed up, to becoming the industry-standard operator for institutional property owners and guests seeking tech-enabled hospitality like no other, Kasa has continued to evolve.

Starting Kasa while I was attending Stanford meant leaving in the middle of business school to answer calls from guests and maxing out a credit card to buy furniture. Today, everyone can be grateful that someone with a sharper eye for aesthetics designs all of our Kasas. 

Since hosting our first stay, Kasa has grown significantly. We are now the industry standard in mixed apartment, and short-term rental operations. We currently operate across 40+ cities and have expanded beyond apartments, also managing hotels and investor-owned vacation homes. At the same time, a few things have remained constant over the past 1 million reservation nights. I am immensely proud that we have remained consistent in our obsession with delivering a hall-of-fame experience to our guests, and in maintaining our “think like an owner” mentality that has positioned Kasa as the trusted partner for institutional property managers.

As part of our celebration, Kasa is launching our new blog to keep you updated with the latest happenings and valuable insights into our progress over the next 1 million reservation nights. Our blog will serve as the ultimate resource for:

  1. New Products: Be the first to learn about our latest offerings and how they can deliver additional value to your partnership with Kasa.
  2. Kasa News: From company updates to noteworthy achievements, we will bring you all of the latest news from Kasa.
  3. New Property Launches: Get exclusive insights into our new properties and learn how we deliver results to partners across the country.

Curious to learn about how we just reduced credit card fees by 10% for our valued partners? Head over to our blog and sign up to receive an email notification whenever we publish a new post.

Thank you for being part of Kasa’s journey so far, and we can’t wait to share more.

Roman Pedan
CEO + Founder